Why you should watch Jojo's Bizarre Adventure!

JJBA Title Image

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is an awesome shounen style anime that I feel like anyone can enjoy! It features a main "Jojo" that changes throughout each part, of which there are 8 parts! Each part has its own unique characters and occasionally some reoccuring ones! It features fun and vibrant colors, with great music from an orignal soundtrack. If you are a fan of shounen anime then you should give it a shot.

To expand on this further let me tell you each part's Jojo

  1. Part 1: Jonothan Joestar
  2. Part 2: Joseph Joestar
  3. Part 3: Jotaro Kujo
  4. Part 4: Josuke Higashikata
  5. Part 5: Giorno Giovana
  6. Part 6: jolyne Cujoh
  7. Part 7: Johnny Joestar
  8. Part 8: Josuke Higashikata

These are the 8 Jojo's so far!

Here is a short out of context clip to show you what the show is all about!